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What is Crossfit

Crossfit is a system that combines different types of high-intensity training. The program includes relatively short but very physically demanding training sessions, which may include running, moving heavy loads, rowing sessions, rope jumping and more. The goals of Crossfit are the strengthening of the muscles, the increase of physical strength and endurance and the acceleration of the metabolism. Crossfit is a complete workout that engages all the muscles of the body and requires some physical preparation, because the sessions, even if short, can be very demanding. Anyone can still practice it: the personal trainer in charge of organizing the training will calibrate the difficulty and intensity of the efforts based on the preparation of each one.

The Crossfit system is based on stimuli of various kinds, i.e. different types of exercises carried out in a single training session that affect different parts of the body, in order to give a complete benefit to all the muscles.

A Crossfit training session can include all kinds of exercises both with free body and with the use of tools, including exercises with barbells and weights, overloads, cycling and, in equipped gyms, even swimming. This makes Crossfit a very varied discipline in which there is never the danger of getting bored or getting used to a certain set of movements. The task of the trainer is to identify different exercises every day in order to stimulate all the components of the muscles and keep the level of interest high. The only essential attribute that the exercises must possess is the high intensity of physical exertion, essential in every Crossfit session. At the beginning of each training session, the trainer will illustrate the new exercises and verify that they are carried out in the correct way and with the correct posture. Due to its high intensity and the many types of exercises connected to Crossfit, the latter is not suitable to be carried out as a do-it-yourself activity: the contraindications for an improvised amateur can be many. It is therefore very important, for those wishing to practice this discipline, to contact a specialized centre where they will be followed by a personal trainer able to calibrate the workouts based on their starting physical conditions.

A brief history of Crossfit

Crossfit was born in the United States in the 70s when Greg Glassman developed his particular motor discipline. This only began to become popular 20 years later, when Glassman founded his gym in Santa Cruz. From the mid-1990s Crossfit and its philosophy of high-intensity training began to spread but only became truly popular after 2008 when this discipline gained international recognition and several dedicated Crossfit gyms began to spring up all over the country. world. The success of Crossfit since then has been rapid and global, just think that in 2012 there were about 4000 gyms and fitness centres in the world where Crossfit was practised and which today are more than double globally. The Crossfit training system was patented by Glassman, its inventor, and is now owned by CrossFit Inc., a company founded by Glassman himself and his wife Lauren Jenai in 2000. After the divorce between the two, Glassman fully retained possession of the rights to the trademark. Today, over 10,000 Crossfit gyms are active worldwide, half of them in the United States alone.

Different types of training

As mentioned, each Crossfit session consists of different exercises, both free body and with the help of tools and instruments of various kinds. Each workout can include running, rowing sessions, kettlebell exercises or other overloads, barbells, and swimming or cycling sessions. In line with the basic philosophy of Crossfit, it is possible to include sports and exercises of all kinds in every session, as long as they maintain a high intensity. Crossfit training is generally divided into 4 phases. The first involves warming up and joint mobility, generally with bodyweight exercises. The second part is instead composed of a moment in which the trainer explains the exercises to be performed and makes sure that they have been understood and performed correctly. We then move on to the actual workout, in which it is necessary to give the maximum in the established time, which generally ranges from 5 to 30 minutes and can include both the exercises seen in the previous phase and others already illustrated in other sessions. Then follows a last phase of recovery and cooling down of the joints that were involved in the workout.

Benefits of Crossfit

Crossfit offers remarkable benefits to those who want to strengthen their muscles and improve various metabolic aspects such as blood pressure, cholesterolemia, triglyceridemia, glycemia, uricemia. Crossfit guarantees a significant increase in strength and physical endurance thanks to the development of the muscles. This is a complete workout that tones muscles increases endurance and develops strength, agility, balance and speed. The goal is to obtain an athletic, performing body in perfect balance. The goal of Crossfit is not to develop and significantly increase muscle mass, so it is unsuitable for bodybuilders. Being composed of short but high-intensity exercises, Crossfit sessions are not suitable for those intending to lose weight. Weight loss and decrease in fat mass can be considered secondary effects of Crossfit, whose primary objective remains that of muscle development, strength and endurance. Crossfit accustoms the body to effort, fatigue and physical stress but, being a program consisting of numerous different exercises, it is not addictive and never boring. Crossfit is a discipline suitable for both men and women and, if done correctly, allows you to lose weight and tone your body harmoniously in a short time. In order to benefit from all the advantages offered by Crossfit sessions, it is necessary to rely on a competent trainer, because the high intensity of the efforts required by this discipline leads to various risks of injury. It is always highly not recommended, especially for beginners, to organize DIY Crossfit sessions. The risks of too intense effort for an untrained body can be many and it is always necessary to be followed by a competent and experienced personal trainer. Not everyone can undergo training sessions which can be extremely strenuous and stressful.

Who can practice Crossfit

Crossfit is a discipline suitable for all those who already have a good starting physical shape and do not suffer from particular pathologies, as long as the activity is always carried out under supervision. Crossfit is not suitable for people with obesity problems or are heavily underweight, due to the intense effort required, to anyone with a high risk of cardiovascular and cerebral ischemia. Crossfit is also not recommended for those suffering from joint diseases of various kinds and postural imbalances. The ideal for all these people would be to turn to a less intense discipline. For the rest, Crossfit has no particular contraindications. It is important to remember once again that it is necessary to follow this discipline under the control and direction of an expert trainer in a gym or a wellness centre specialized in Crossfit in order to take advantage of all the benefits of the discipline without running the risk of injury or overloading. your body. Anyone can go to a Crossfit gym and speak to a trainer. This will provide all the necessary information and create daily workouts suited to everyone’s needs and situation. Crossfit always remains an extremely intense activity and is aimed at all those who want to train constantly over time, because the greatest benefits of Crossfit, like many other types of fitness, are highlighted above all in the long term.